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VPS hosting is the logical step up from shared hosting and the smart choice for a website that is experiencing rapid growth, heavy site traffic or running demanding web applications.

Continue reading and discover the best of the best VPS hosts of 2017.

Best VPS Hosting 2016

With so many companies out there to choose from, it's not an easy task to find a good virtual private server provider. We know all about it, as we've had the pleasure (and the displeasure) of using a range of VPS providers.

Here we have collected the best VPS hosts that we recommend who all provide powerful, feature-rich VPS hosting and for an affordable monthly price.

Winner (Best VPS 2016)

Runners-Up (Best VPS Hosting 2016)


From $50 Per month

1 CPUs

1GB Memory

75GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IP Address

Liquid Web offers instant provisioning. Daily billing, pay only for what you use. Easy upgrade or downgrade. Includes 5 TB outgoing & Free incoming bandwidth. Free Firewall. 30 day money back guarantee. 100% network uptime, monitoring and a 30 minute response guarantee.

Liquid Web offers all types of hosting but their real focus is on VPS, cloud and dedicated servers. Get a truly excellent and fully managed VPS hosting solution that won't leave you disappointed. You will be in good company as Liquid Web hosts over 10.000 company websites including Symantec, American Airlines and Bose.

Liquid Web takes the #1 spot for being the best fully managed, powerful, feature-rich, customer friendly and reliable provider. An awesome VPS host on all levels!


LiquidWeb Logo


From $50 Per month

2 CPUs

1GB Memory

30GB Disk Space

1TB Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IP Address

MediaTemple offers Plesk control panel + root access. Scale instantly up to 32GB RAM. 1-click install of 200+ apps.

Guaranteed 99.9% managed uptime. 24/7/365 live support. 30 day money-back guarantee.

MediaTemple is one of the most reliable VPS hosting providers on the market, the perfect VPS solution for popular bloggers, small to medium-size business, and e-commerce site owners.


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From $40 Per month

4 CPUs

1.5GB Memory

50GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

All VPS accounts are provisioned with the latest software installed and configured. Pre-installation of all software.

Fully managed by world class support personnel. 99.9% managed uptime. 24/7/365 live support. 60 day money-back guarantee.

Arvixe offers powerful features, reliable server performance, responsive customer services as well as affordable price.


Arvixe Logo


From $45 Per month

2 CPUs

2GB Memory

65GB Disk Space

3.5TB Bandwidth

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

All VPS are fully optimized & secured. Free backups. Datacenter Options: Central (TX)/West Coast/East Coast.

No setup fees or hidden costs. Highest uptime in the industry. cPanel, DA, Plesk (extra fee). 30 day money-back guarantee.

Knownhost offers powerful and feature-rich VPS plans and are one of the most popular VPS hosting companies around.


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From $49 Per month

2 CPUs

2GB Memory

40GB Disk Space

4TB Bandwidth

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

WiredTree offers fully managed dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

Advanced monitoring systems constantly checking your server and services for uptime 24 hours a day. 100% node uptime SLA. cPanel / WHM is included. Free website migration assistance. 24x7 telephone and helpdesk support. A la carte upgrade.

WiredTree states that their #1 goal is to give clients a superior managed hosting soluton, something they do a very good job at.


WiredTree Logo


From $49 Per month

4 CPUs

1.5GB Memory

60GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

4 Dedicated IP Addresses

Servint offers mechanical storage drives. 100% guarantees on CPU, RAM, disk and network connectivity. 24/7/365 access to award-winning customer support. Free cPanel/WHM. Free daily backups

Servint VPS plans are on a growth-friendly platform. Easy to scale, easy to manage, easy to configure, fully managed and perfectly sized to meet all of your requirements.


Servint Logo


From $40 Per month

2 CPUs

1GB Memory

25GB Disk Space

1000GB Bandwidth

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

GreenGeeks offers VPS hosting with SSD and CPANEL/WHM.

GreenGeeks provides 300% wind-powered shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. GreenGeeks has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable web hosting.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting comes with enterprise grade hardware with cPanel/WHM, SSD storage, 24x7x365 support, 99.9% uptime and 30-day money back.


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Best VPS Hosting 2016

What Is VPS Hosting?

An explanation of VPS vs. shared hosting and dedicated servers even your grandma can understand!

Well, your Grandma has done it again! Not ready for the old folks home just yet, this time she has jumped two feet into the online world and purchased herself a domain name, all excited about creating her first website and making her mark on this modern thing they call the internet.

No longer satisfied with just searching for items on the web and looking at other blogs, she now wants to be noticed with her own presence online. With her website name sitting idly at the registrar, Grandma is savvy enough to recognize that the next step in the process for her upcoming site is to obtain web hosting, but she knows nothing about it, and that's where you now come into it. Having to explain hosting options is a big ask alright, but we have you covered. Follow along as we explain how hosting works, the main types that you need to consider, and which would be the best for any budding or currently baffled blogging Grandma.

Hosting - Your Website Needs A Home

Just as you live in a house where everything you need is kept and maintained, so does your website require a residence that has everything it needs so that it can appear live online. Web hosting companies store or "house" all of the assets and pages that make up your website.

Just as you go outside to another person's house to meet them when they call, hosting allows your website to go outside onto the computers of everyone who "calls" for it when they search for it in the browser on their home computers. While it's true that you could host your website from your own computer, that set up would be a poor and inefficient substitute for the speed with which large data centers (web hosts) can connect your site to the internet, thereby allowing millions of people worldwide to view it all at the same time if required.

Web hosting companies store the components of your website on large and powerful computers that are connected to the internet. These computers are called "servers", in that they allow all of the parts of your website to come together as a whole, and then "serve" your website to the people who search for it. Rather than having just one server type to offer, hosting companies will provide a mixture of server plans that will vary in price based on the server option that you select.

It is important therefore that you understand what the main hosting server types are and why you would select one to house your website in place of the others.

1. Shared Hosting

This is the most used form of hosting and one that most new webmasters select to serve their sites. In this setup, your websites share a single server with sites belonging to other site owners. This means that all of the resources of the server are shared by many, so neither you nor the others on this hosting plan have ownership of the server. The resources that you will share include; Bandwidth (the amount of traffic that your website can receive), Disk space (the size of assets (graphics, videos, etc) you can add to your site) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) (program execution and information requests asked of the server).

Since your site and its components will be sharing the server with that of other sites, this hosting plan is best suited to blog and site owners who are new, or small to medium sized operators who do not need large amounts of resources. This is also for you if you have no plans to expand into a large entity. In other words, this would be a okay hosting option for Grandma who is just maintaining her basic blog or site from home.

Economical - with many users on the one server, all users share the costs
User friendly - each user has access to their own point and click control panel which allows account management from their web browser
Server maintenance - server performance is monitored due to the large numbers of sites being hosted, and any issues are addressed immediately
Technical knowledge - is not required, as all updates and upkeep is maintained by the host

Website performance - other websites may affect yours, if they have a surge in traffic that requires them take additional server space, or reduce loading time of your site
Security issues - slight chance that other users leave the server open to risk through weak passwords
Resource allocation limits - bandwidth and disk space may be limited by the host on a monthly basis
Flexibility - configuration of applications may be hindered by the firewall which is itself configured to protect he user majority

2. VPS Hosting

This type of hosting is considered to be a step up from shared hosting in that you are given a specific portion of the hosting server that is not shared with other users. Virtual Private Server hosting works by "partitioning" the single individual server into what then works as a multiple server so that for the user, it has the capability of performing as a standalone server.

In this hosting option, your site is still on the server with other websites, however your sites have more privacy, and you have more flexibility in your administration capabilities, including software installations that can be more readily configured.

If Grandma's website becomes a business in which she is experiencing heavy visitor traffic, or running complex applications, either of which results in rapid growth, then VPS hosting is the perfect solution.

Larger housing - bigger space and bandwidth
Flexibility - allowed to upgrade of downgrade your subscription when required
Owner Capabilities - greater configuration powers because you own your space
Security - no impacted by the level of users as per the shared hosting option, and you can custom your firewall configurations

Cost - it is more pricey than the shared hosting option
Maintenance - with each site having its own operating system and some other software, it may be difficult at times for the hosting company to completely maintain the operating system and ensure maximum uptime
Server management - if you are unsure how to manage your server, you may unknowingly create security holes
through improper activity. Grandma would have some learning to do here.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the hosting that meets the needs of big businesses. With this hosting plan, webmasters receive their own dedicated server, as the name suggests. The server is not shared with other users, and full administration access is granted.

This hosting option is required for websites that require custom requirements that cannot be utilized in a shared environment, and you could very well expect that a site hosted on this server is attracting a lot of visitor traffic.

Heavy operations capabilities - large and heavy use software can be installed for sites like gaming and ecommerce
Speed - load times are 'super fast'
Security - solid security features for websites that need to capture personal customer details
Performance - ability to manage large traffic amounts, both constant and spikes
Flexibility - more server and storage space can be added without impact on current servers, thereby avoiding downtime risks.

Cost - to be expected when compared to the shared options presented, due to the server maintenance requirements
Knowledge - sound technical skills are required for server management purposes because you are, to at least some extent, managing your own server
Trouble shooting - if internal errors appear, it may take some time to fix, particularly if you are reliant on IT specialists to examine the problem.


Whilst there are both pros and cons of working with each hosting option, the main thing to remember is that with each upgrade, you will free up more server space and capabilities for your sites, but the higher you go, the more you will need to understand what it is that you are working with in terms of server management.

Understanding what you are getting with each hosting plan is straight-forward enough for not only Grandmas to understand, but for anyone who takes even a short time to examine what each plan is willing to "serve" up for the cost.

For those just starting out, they will find the shared hosting facility the most cost-efficient however, it is up to each website owner to plan the extent to which they expect to grow, and to take this into consideration for potential future hosting growth.

What Customers Are Saying

Several years ago, I had one of the best WordPress/IT gurus on the planet install a state-of-the-art WordPress multi-user install for me on Amazon Web Services. His custom utilities allowed me to administer multiple sites together, but use separate domains instead of subdomains/folders. Unfortunately, AWS had idiosyncrasies that caused performance issues and costs started going up. I began researching hosting alternatives and landed on highly-recommended KnownHost. The KnownHost support has been exceptional, helping with what was a non-standard migration from AWS and answering a lot of general questions. On KnownHost, my site performance and ease of administration has increased substantially.
Mike Hillerbrand

knownhost testimonial

Launching our latest online products, Jing and, required us to rethink our hosting strategy. In order to ensure the best possible video streaming experience for our customers we needed a hosting provider capable of offering connectivity with multiple tier one backbone providers. We also needed to know help was waiting in the wings in case of any unexpected technical issues with our servers. Liquid Web's network has enabled thousands of and Jing customers to create, upload, and share their content with excellent throughput to our servers. Every support case we have opened has been answered within minutes. Liquid Web's network and support are far better than we have experienced with other hosting providers and this high level of service is offered at a very competitive price.
Techsmith Corporation

liquidweb testimonial

Used Hostgator before I switched over to Arvixe, and I have to say I'm mighty impressed! ;) I've had one "problem" so far, but I just sent in a ticket and got help and solved it, didn't even go 24 hours! I don't really miss anything, and I think what you offer is great and you won't be hearing any complaints from me, but I guess there is always room for improvement. Anyways, keep up the good work!

arvixe testimonial

Wiredtree has been the best thing I have ever done for my sites. I can't count the amount of server troubles I had before you guys. Since I hooked up with you guys, life has been a lot less stressful. Thanks again for the great servers

wiredtree testimonial